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About Coach Ash

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For me, acknowledging my brokenness and how it continued to show up in my life long after the events, was the first step. Then followed the questions, which led to answers. These answers did a couple things at once that rocked my world for the better: exposed a set of lies that I had acquiesced to for so long, while renewing my mind with truth that shifted my outlook on life, myself and others.


Sure, experiencing these things was incredibly painful, and the amount of commitment it took to move these mental and emotional hurdles was great, however, the beauty acquired from the process gives me a deeper appreciation for the pain.

Instead of asking myself, “Why did these things happen to me?” I understand well that the more appropriate question is, “Who am I NOW as a result of my pain?”

As a certified Life Coach, I help my clients shift from asking “why” to what now. Who am I now? How am I better? What is more beautiful now as a result.

There is beauty that comes from the ashes of your painful experience! You just have to discover it, just as I have.

About Coach Ash

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